We're a different kind of marketing communications agency.

Virtual, fast and unbelievably easy to work with.


Working with an agency shouldn't be stressful

...we make the process fast, easy, and fun!


Think of us as an extension of your staff

...without all the HR hassles.


All we need is wifi and a chair.*

*chair optional


We violate the law of two-thirds

...you get price, quality AND speed!

Welcome to 

a smarter way of doing business. 

Virtual and cost effective.  The Barry Group is a network of top marketing communication professionals, each with 30+ years of experience on both sides of the desk. We provide a customized approach for each client, big or small. You get a unique team of people who are experts in your field rather than a group of random people who have to be brought up to speed.

Frustrated with the traditional agency mentality of maximizing the profit from every project, we started a virtual agency where the client is priority number one, not the profit margin. Sure, agencies need to make money, but they shouldn't abuse loyal clients to make their profit goals.  We know that if we give you great personal service, and a top-quality, strategically driven creative product, you’ll come back to us over and over.

We're different.

We believe in long-term client/agency relationships (several of them are going on 20 years now).   Our clients think of us as their partner, a valuable member of their team.

We have no walls, no multiple layers of staff, no overhead.  

We offer top-quality creative, done quickly,
at a reasonable cost.


Fed up with the stifling, bureaucratic nature of traditional "agency-centered" advertising firms, we formed a group that believes you, the client, is the number one priority.  We are here to serve you because when you succeed, we succeed.  


Our experience shows that the most successful relationships are those in which the line between client and agency is virtually undetectable. We're most effective for you when we're truly considered to be part of your team.


We believe that providing a great creative product that solves your marketing challenge – and doing so at a fair price – ensures a volume of repeat business that will more than make up for short-term profits.

There are

no limits to what we can do.








Logo Development

Brand Collateral

Brand Guidelines


Website Design

email Marketing

Web Banner Ads

Online Registration 


Strategic Planning

Marketing Automation

Research & Analytics

Competitive Analysis

Direct Response

Direct Mail


Loyalty Programs

Referral Programs


Corporate Brochures

Sales Literature



List Management

Database Marketing

Targeted Lists & Leads

Marketing Analytics

Demographic Segmentation

Graphic Design

Package Design

Annual Reports

Multimedia Presentations

Trade Show Displays