Our Work:

Website Design & Hosting

The Barry Group has been producing websites for many years.  We've done some that are hundreds of pages, some that are just a page or two, and everything in between.  Our clients are very happy that we can create a custom website in a short time frame, and also make changes very quickly as time goes on.  Plus, our prices are very reasonable for the creation of and monthly maintenance of the sites. 

One of our specialties is creating sites with custom-designed forms connected to a database. The first example below is a website we launched to help clients with digital onboarding.

Custom-designed Forms

Click on the image, or the button below, to try a live demo of forms we designed as part of a digital onboarding system for an existing client.

This client needed an easier and more efficient way to onboard new hires.  We helped him simplify the process and also tackle any issues that occur by creating an issue resolution form for him.

All information from these forms is kept in a database that is convenient and accessible.  Everything can be seen in one pdf - no more stacks of paper with paper-clipped photos attached. And, electronic signatures will populate multiple forms, along with all other information.

Some Website Samples

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