strategic planning

As a virtual extension of your staff, we know your business and we know your goals. Together we can develop marketing and communications strategies that move the needle in sales, acquisitions, loyalty and retention.

All sales start with a list of prospects.

We’ve partnered with one of the top firms in the country to provide database management, marketing analytics, and targeted lists including consumer, business, resident occupant, specialty and response data.

Targeted consumer mailing lists identify economically-active consumers with actionable demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional information. 

A detailed approach to relative firmagraphics generates potential business customers by industry, decision makers, employee size, sales volume, and other attributes. 

We look before we leap.

To make sure our “great solutions” aren’t just figments of our fertile imagination, we test, we probe and we investigate. With our partners in the research industry, we make sure we’re speaking in terms that maximize your customer response, and avoid things that either turn them off or are superfluous to the sale. So, we (the collective we) have the greatest chance for success. 

We’re watching your competition for you, 24/7/365.

We keep tabs on your competitors with proprietary websites that track their changes on a daily basis and notify you automatically of new offerings, price changes, special offers, and even new personnel.  If they make a change, you know it.  And you know it before your first cup of coffee.

We take the tedious, time-consuming stuff off your plate.

Process mapping, project metrics, response-rate calculations, and post-program analysis are all important to you and your management.  But they take a lot of your time - time better spent on other things.  We work so closely with our clients that they trust us with these internal, often highly confidential projects.


Our strategic plans are based on what’s best for you, not necessarily us. We’re in it for the long haul, so we know that, ultimately, if you’re happy we’ll be successful.


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Strategic Planning